Bookcase JUDD - 5 shelves - 60 cm

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£ 270.00

  • The Bookcase JUDD - 5 shelves - 60 cm, made up of 5 U-shape wall shelves, can easily be fitted in your home to create a little or large storage space: vertical or horizontal, let your imagination run free to suit your needs.
  • Characteristics for each shelf : depth 15 cm, height 15 cm, length 60 cm, weight 3,2 kg.
  • Made of FE 360 DC01.
  • Each shelf can holds up to 20 kg.

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Bookcase  JUDD - 5 shelves - 60 cm

The Bookcase  JUDD - 5 shelves - 60 cm by TEEbooks belong to the functional family of wall shelves, instead of being imposing creations that devour space. Whatever the style of your home, choose to utilize space with this made-to-measure shelving. Each shelf can support up to 20kg. The Bookcase  JUDD - 5 shelves - 60 cm provides up to 3.6 linear metres of design-conscious bookcase design.

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Lenght 5x60 cm
Depth 5x15 cm
Height 5x15 cm
Weight 5 x 3,2 kg
Capacity 5x20 kg
Painting Matt Epoxy
Material Acier FE 360 DC01

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