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Set of 6 Bookshelves design "UBD"

Bookshelves UBD 45 x 25 cm - Set of 6

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UBD 45x6

  • The set of 6 Bookshelves UBD 45 x 25 cm is specifically designed for large format books (art books, comic books).
  • Characteristics for each shelf : depth 25 cm, height 15 cm, length 45 cm, weight 2,8 kg
  • Made of FE 360 DC01
  • The 6 shelves offer 2,70 linear meters of usable length!

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Bookshelves UBD 45x25cm - Set of 6 shelves

These Bookshelves UBD 45 x 25 cm Set of 6were specifically designed with large format books (art books, comic books) in mind.

You can use all of these design-conscious shelves to create a TEEbooks design Bookshelves UBD 45 x 25 cm to your specifications. Display your books horizontally and/or vertically, that's one of the big advantages with TEEbooks bookshelves. The wall-mounted shelves open up many possibilities.

A simple design which delivers a simple and functional Bookcase Design.

See more Bookshelves.

Lenght 6 x 45 cm
Depth 6 x 25 cm
Height 6 x 15 cm
Weight 6 x 2,8 kg
Capacity 6 x 30 kg
Painting Matt Epoxy
Material Acier FE 360 DC01

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